HR Manager: Marisha Mounce

Marisha Mounce was born in Kentucky and raised in Van Buren, Arkansas. Growing up Marisha was involved in several extracurricular team activities, which led to various leadership roles.


Marisha studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas. After moving to Little Rock, Marisha found a position within sales and marketing that allowed exponential growth and development that she fell in love with. While starting off in sales, Marisha felt as though she wanted to give the same opportunity for growth that she had been given to others. Marisha then transitioned into a recruiter role for a local sales and marketing firm, making her dreams a reality. After gaining a couple years of experience, she now holds the HR Director position within SaGa 26 Consulting, Inc. She now aims to help find & contribute to the future growth of not only the company but employees as well.